About Us

About CNL

Our organization, CNL Consultants (Northern) Sdn Bhd, was formed for this purpose of establishing a conducive working environment within organizations that care for its employees and the environment. Conformance to regulatory requirements is our starting point with the client but more importantly we show the way to greater business rewards with a multi-disciplinary service in safety, health and environment. We apply a modular approach in our service offerings to adapt to the needs of organizations which exhibit various levels of SHE awareness. In this manner, we help companies initiate immediate and long term plans which will complement their own business management strategies.

Our systematic approach to the management of employee and environmental safety are packed by a combined wealth of experience drawn from qualified professionals in their respective fields. We understand that organizations committed to the2Es require nothing short of the best and we strive to deliver our services without compromise.

Our design model clearly charts the sequenced approach adopted in identifying and evaluating SHE issued as well as the recommending to our client the most

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive services in safety, health and environment to help business

  1. Promote and cultivate a world-class work environment in conformance with existing and anticipated legislation in Occupational Safety and Health
  2. Chart new directions of growth by operating in and environmentally efficient manner which conforms with public and regulatory expectations
  3. Appreciate the value of employee safety and environmental preservation as vital factors for the ensured success of its business